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SAMPE Show Success!!! 5/7/2013 - 5/9/2013

President Barbara Denning, Office Supervisor Laurie Denning, and Automation/Service Manager Christopher Dunckel from Ahearn Denning helped along with Eastmans Vice President Marla Coniglio, Vice President of Manual Sales James Resetar, Western Regional Sales Manager Dale Warner, Service Technician Tom Geesey, and Marketing Rep Amanda Catalano, attended the SAMPE trade show at the Long Beach Convention Center this past week. Lots of current and new customers attented and were able to view the success that the Eastman manual and automated cutting machines have on composite materials. The Ahearn Denning/Eastman team was able to distribute over 50 machines to new and existing customers which help celebrate Eastmans 125 years in the making.

Eastman brought with them the M-9000 Static Cutting Table (16ft long) which showed the precision cutting from the drag knife and round knife cutting tool heads. The M-9000 is known for its heavy duty structure and the ability to hold the best tolerances in strong composite materials. Some of the materials that the M-9000 cut at the show was Kevlar and Fiberglass.

The manual machines equally had a showing providing most R&D teams the ability to cut their materials quickly as apposed to using scissors. Everyone was amazed at the simplicity and ease that all the machines showed cutting through layers of kevlar and fiberglass. 

Congratulations on the success at the SAMPE trade show for both teams!