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All the supplies your cutting room desires, Ahearn has the best quality products that will help keep your business running.


Metal Mesh Glove (3 fingers)
Metal mesh gloves are used for maximum safety between knife and flesh. Metal mesh safety gloves are ..
Mundial Pinking Shears
8 1'2" Pinking Shears features stainless steel blades, are specially designed for ravel resistant se..
Mundial Scissors
Mundial Industrial forged scissors and shears being with fine carbon steel, which is hot forged, tem..
Pattern Cords
Duo Cords. Part # C-15 (1 Gross)           ..
Spot Lifter
- Spray on - let dry - brush off - Removes tar, fresh paint, grease and oil stains from upholster..
Starpack is the leading manufacturer of high-quality machines and materials. Used to bundle fabri..
T Pins
T pins come in a variety of sizes for a variety of uses, such as sewing, crafting, corsages, and dis..
Table Polish 1 quart
425 Cutting Table Polish is a new, creamy, concentrated, emulsion furniture polish which leaves a gl..
Tailoring Pencils
Brilliant pigments pressed into spcecially formulated leads for marking textiles. Pencil is water..
Teflon Iron Shoe
Ironing Shoe is self lubricating and will make pressing easier and faster without gumming your iron ..
Tissue paper
Used for pattern making it can be used to stabilize seams and fabric. Many people opt for tissu..
Cloth weights help hold the material/fabric down when a person is cutting or spreading. Easy to use ..
Wiss Pinking Shears
8 1/2" Pinking Shears Point Blunt Nickel plated blade   ..
Wiss Shears
Ideal for cutting various fabrics & upholstery Precision ground blades fo..
All Purpose Agent
Silicone Release Agent - Industrial. Economical lubricant/release agent for professional and industr..