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All the supplies your cutting room desires, Ahearn has the best quality products that will help keep your business running.


1/4" Red Streak Staples
Premium quality chisel point staples/standard Part # 210/6 For use in  Long Reach Rapid/A..
Buffing Wheel
Replacement buffing wheel for Twice as Sharp Scissor Sharpener ..
No Curl Spray
Prevents curling of cut fabric and eliminates fraying. ..
Swivel Pulleys for over head track- Fits 9 gauge wire. Perfect to organize over head track and ma..
Stamping Powder Holder
All metal container for spreading stamping powder. Fits in palm. Bottom cover is perforated fe..
Track Hangar Set
  Four mounting straight track sections for overheard track. For use with FRS-105 clevis sup..
Anti-Static Spray
Eliminates static eliectricity in and around computer and terminal areas. Helps prevent static ..
Feedrail Trolley
Feedrail trolley  sed for overhead track. Slides with ease to make your electrical power source..
L-19 Staples
Made in Germany **Galvanized*** For use in Gold Medalist  Pattern Tacker Hig..
Veribest Stamping Powder
For general purpose marking Leaves easily visible semi- permanent mark     ..
Eastman Disappearng Marker
Ink disappears within 2-14 days depending on materials being drawn on and temperature. Comes in P..
Junction Box
For use with End Feet set. Box has 1 and 11/4" knockouts on three sides ..
Solvent Degreaser
Degreases Machine and Machine Parts High Flow Valve Quick Dry No Chorinated Solvents Lea..
For use in Bostitch Hammer Stapler Galvanized 5,000 Staples per box 3/8" Staples Made in..
Turn Buckle
Turn buckle is used on your over head wiring on your cutting tables. The turn buckle will allow you ..