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All the supplies your cutting room desires, Ahearn has the best quality products that will help keep your business running.


Twice as Sharp Sharpening Wheel
Includes everything needed to professionally sharpen all types and sizes of scissors and shears. Sha..
Eye Buckle
No Fray Spray
Prevents unraveling of Fabrics Prevents thread slippage Eliminates over-edge stitching Redu..
Perfection Master Crayons
Wax based square crayon noted for it's strength and superb edge retention and resistance to melting...
66 Spray Adhesive
Applies more adhesive solids for obtaining strong bond using less adhesive. It is great in applicati..
9 Gauge Wire
Over head wiring for cutting tables. Keeps machine electrical cords out of harms way. Perfect way..
7 Foot Pole with Brackets
These poles are used at the ends of the tables to provide support for the power cables above your cu..
Pattern Cards
Record all of your patterns! 10" x 16" over all size 100 cards per package! ..
Table Spacer
Spacer that is used for making space between your cutting table and the preading machine track. ..
SJO 3 Wire
110 Volt Blue cable used for multiple electrical usage. Sold by the foot. ..
Coupling Set
Side plates cover for coupling adjacent straight track section, they lock sections together Part ..
Dead End Cap
 For closing the end of a straight track run. ..
Fits all standard tagging guns! 3 sizes! 1" 2" 3" Box has 5,000 tags   ..
One-step blade and needle replacing Lightweight Super Compact ..
End Feet Set
For electrical connection to the power supply and closing the end of a straight track run. ..