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Paper Rolls

Tons of great quailty paper for your cutting room. Used for pattern making, seam setting, stabilize fabric, and more uses for all aspects of production.


Brown Kraft Paper
Brown Kraft Paper helps slide your layers of material off your cutting table. This paper goes on top..
Tissue paper
Used for pattern making it can be used to stabilize seams and fabric. Many people opt for tissu..
Marking Paper
Dotted pattern paper is more popularly known as marking paper, alphabet paper or alphanumeric paper...
Wax Paper
Used for specailty fabrics to keep from fusing material. The wax paper lubricates your cutting kn..
Plotter Paper
This kind of paper is primarily used for drafting and pattern making software in plotting machines. ..
Manilla Pattern Paper
Manila pattern paper is standard for any manufacturer’s cutting room. It lays flat and firm, which m..