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Marking Supplies

Here you can find all the tools you need for marking in your cutting area. Variety of the perfect items to mark off, label or categorize


*Stainless Steel Ball Tip allows for marking on rough surfaces without having to worry about tip wea..
Pattern Cords
Duo Cords. Part # C-15 (1 Gross)           ..
T Pins
T pins come in a variety of sizes for a variety of uses, such as sewing, crafting, corsages, and dis..
Tailoring Pencils
Brilliant pigments pressed into spcecially formulated leads for marking textiles. Pencil is water..
Guaranted to create uniform pattern notches Nickle Plated Made of lightweight, pressed steal. ..
Pattern Punch
Powerful, yet compact tool that penetrates even the toughest patterns at ease. Working like a pair o..
Needle Point Tracer
Fine steel implements, with sharp points which let you trace patterns, through kraft, on to ano..
Tailors Crayons (Wax)
Wax based square crayon noted for it's strength and supurb edge retention and resistance to melting...
Manilla Tags
# 5 Shipping Tags for everyday use! 3" x 5" *** 100 per Box! ..
Screw Punch
Wood handle twist style punch includes a 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm diameter tip. **Extra replaceme..
Handi- Handle
Safe, convenient, practical styrene handle that earns extra use from your worn knives. Instead of th..
Hollow Steel Punch
For punching holes in leather, rubber, canvas, plastic and formica. Forged Steel. 3/32" Part # 12..
860 Hidden Glow Stamping Powder
This lightweight adhesive formula is the top of the line quality.  This flourescent color green..
Stamping Powder Holder
All metal container for spreading stamping powder. Fits in palm. Bottom cover is perforated fe..
Veribest Stamping Powder
For general purpose marking Leaves easily visible semi- permanent mark     ..