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Power & Electrical Accessories

Cutting machines power cords, accessories and feedrail track for cutting tables

Eastman Pigtail
Pigtial Cutting Machine Power Cord complete with Genuine Eastman Attachment Plug 523C1-102 S..
Assembled Trolley
Coil cord (11V or 220V) comes with FRS-32 trolley and an electric plug  (Straight, Tw..
Generic Pigtail
An acecssory that connects your cutting machine to a power source. Generic power cord for your cu..
Retractable Power Cords
Coil Cords are used help reach machinery at a distance and keep cords from interfering with mac..
Straight Plug Male
3 prong electrical plug. Male Straight Plug. ..
Straight Plug Female
3 Prong electrical plug Female Straight Plug ..
Twist Plug Male
Power connector for 110V. Male Twist Plug 2 Pole with 3 Wire Grounding. ..
Twist Plug Female
Twist style plug. (Circular Plug) Power connector for 110V.   ..
Swivel Pulleys for over head track- Fits 9 gauge wire. Perfect to organize over head track and ma..
Track Hangar Set
  Four mounting straight track sections for overheard track. For use with FRS-105 clevis sup..
Feedrail Trolley
Feedrail trolley  sed for overhead track. Slides with ease to make your electrical power source..
Junction Box
For use with End Feet set. Box has 1 and 11/4" knockouts on three sides ..
Turn Buckle
Turn buckle is used on your over head wiring on your cutting tables. The turn buckle will allow you ..
Eye Buckle
9 Gauge Wire
Over head wiring for cutting tables. Keeps machine electrical cords out of harms way. Perfect way..