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Power & Electrical Accessories

Cutting machines power cords, accessories and feedrail track for cutting tables

7 Foot Pole with Brackets
These poles are used at the ends of the tables to provide support for the power cables above your cu..
Table Spacer
Spacer that is used for making space between your cutting table and the preading machine track. ..
SJO 3 Wire
110 Volt Blue cable used for multiple electrical usage. Sold by the foot. ..
Coupling Set
Side plates cover for coupling adjacent straight track section, they lock sections together Part ..
Dead End Cap
 For closing the end of a straight track run. ..
End Feet Set
For electrical connection to the power supply and closing the end of a straight track run. ..
An all purpose trolley system of electrical distribution for installations requiring a movable sourc..
Door sections are the same as standard track sections except that they include a hinged door for ins..