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Eastman offers a wide range of feeding, spreading and material roll handling equipment in addition to our line of automated and manual cutting machines. This makes Eastman your best choice for a single-solution provider for the cutting room!

Feeding Systems

Eastman automated feeders provide an efficient way of feeding a wide variety of rolled fabrics to the cutting table in a relaxed or tensionless state with precise edge control.

Spreading Systems

When spreads are short or production is limited, spreaders are the right solution for cost-effective and efficient spreading with accurate edge control. Eastman offers both automatic and manually-operated spreading systems.

Please contact the factory to determine the best equipment for your application.

Carousels & Roll Racks

Carousels and Roll Racks provide easy access to material rolls for feeding and spreading. Eastman offers many sizes and styles to fit a wide variety of applications. Available in manual or motorized configurations, Eastman has the answer for your material handling needs.

Please contact the factory to determine the best equipment for your application.


Expandale Manual Fabric Spreading Machine
Manual Fabric Spreading Machine to accomodate rolls up to 22" in diameter, up to 250 lbs and 66..
Heavy Duty Roll Stand
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Eastman Saber C Series
The Eastman Saber C Series line of computerized, cradle feed spreading machines withy automatic..
Blue Jay Spread & End Cutting System
The Blue Jay is available as a stand-alone end cutting unit or with an optional Pull-Off for even fa..
Cloth Un-Winding Truck
 Best Truck of it's Kind on the Market! manual feeder is an economical solution for trouble fre..
Multi-Roll Carousel
The Multi-Roll Carousel system, available in many sizes and styles, provides tremendously simple acc..
Saber C-Series
The Saber C-Series computerized, cradle feed machine is a robust yet smooth operating material sprea..