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Round Knives

Engineered for sweeping curves or straight line cutting; Eastman round knife machines are designed to cut and perform with maximum efficiency.

The variety of power ranges available for the Cardinal Series round knives - from lightweight to super duty - allow for cutting a wide variety or materials such as silk, cotton, canvas, denim and coated fabrics. Eastman round knife machines are ideally suited for cutting large radius curves and straight lines. To match your cutting needs, the round knives are available with five different blade sizes, various horsepower ratings and custom engineered gear ratios. Eastman also offers high speed, carbon steel, grooved, and PTFE coated blades to maximize cutting throughput and increase productivity.


534 4 "Lightweight Cardinal
Eastman's lightweightmodel 534  4" Cardinal® provides lightweight maneuverability with mor..
BBB32  3 1/4"
The BBB32 is Eastman's largest shear, featuring a premium quality high torque universal motor, to cu..
 548- 52H Cardinal 5 1/4"
The Cardinal® model 548 5 1/4" is our most commonly used round knife machine. It is availabl..
562 6X Heavy Duty Cardinal 6"
Heavy-duty Cutting for Lays up to 4.75"! The Eastman 562 6X"Heavy Duty Cardinal® offers a heavy d..
 567 6X Super Duty Cardinal 6"
Super-Duty Cutting for Lays up to 4.75" The Cardinal® model 567/ 6", Eastman's most powerful roun..
548 CC Carpet Cutter 5"
The Cardinal Carpet Cutter is designed to cut cleanly through most pile types and backings. The 548C..
Rubber Slitter
The Rubber Slitter is designed to cut very dense rubber and plastic sheeting. Model RS2 is equipp..