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Rotary Shears

Cutting with scissors is tedious and fatiguing.

Eastman rotary shears replace scissors and quickly cut intricate markers, one of a kind patterns, samples, reworks, plastic and rubber sheeting.

Offering ultimate maneuverability, Eastman's Rotary Shears are the solution to low quantity cutting jobs common in the industry.


Lightweight Powerful Shearing The Chickadee™ is the smallest rotary shear available and is the pe..
Long Handle Chickadee
The Long Handled Chickadee has all the features of the standard D2 model, in addition to a long hand..
The Buzzaird® rotary shear is available with different shaped blades to maximize shearing, chopping ..
Powerful Cordless Shearing The Workerbee is a powerful, professional grade, cordless rotary shear..
Large Wheel Cutter
This large wheel cutter is great for cutting leather. The stable shaft of the cutter will help you p..
Small Wheel Cutter