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Drills and Marking

Eastman drills and marking machines work through numerous layers of fabric for simplified indication of buttonholes, darts, pockets for sewing applications.

Available in both hot and cold configurations, a variety of dills and awls, and a choice of tips.

Eastman also manufactures a large selection of special application products for pattern peforating, bundling, strip cutting and rag manufacturing.


CD3H Hot Cloth Drill
The Hot Cloth drill leaves identifiable marks on loosely woven, or knit fabrics, where an ordinary d..
HVN Hot Notcher
The Hot Notcher is a multi-purpose tool used for marking and temporarily fusing loosely woven fabric..
Magnum Perforator
The Eastman Magnum Punch Perforator cuts four clean holes per inch (2.54 cm) through up to five thic..
CD3 Cold Cloth Drill
Cold Drill Marking The Eastman Cloth drill marker can drill holes through numerous layers of fabr..
The Threadmarker is a dual use machine that provides a substitute method of short-term marking when ..