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End Cutters

The Eastman series of Falcon End Cutters provide the means to increase speed, efficiency and accuracy in your end cutting operation. The track guided Falcon enables the operator to make a fast, straight cut in virtually any material, no matter how tough; including quilted fabrics and foam up to 1-1/4" (3.20 cm) thick. Falcon End Cutters can save - during one eight hour shift - the equivalent of 200 yards of material when averaging only five end cuts per minute.

Eastman end cutters are available in manually-operated or automatic configurations. The standard Eastman end cutter is supplied with a clamping bracket, making it possible to attach to most standard cutting tables.

For absolute accuracy, choose an Eastman end cutter...


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Falcon IV End Cutter
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Falcon 534/548
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Auto Track Falcon
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