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Raptor 75X Multi-Ply 7.5 cm Cutting System

 Raptor 75X Multi-Ply 7.5 cm Cutting System

Eastman " Made In USA" Industrial-Strength Multi-Ply Cutter for low to high-ply Cutting! 

The  Eastman Raptor models feature numerous design upgrades and benefits for improved operation, throughput and maintenance for automatic multiple-ply cutting of patterns. The Raptor models have been engineered to meet the aggressive demands of clients in growing market segments like the apparel, industrial fabrics and composites industries; customers cutting traditional textiles like cotton, wool and denim -as well as- modern technical materials like kevlar, nonwoven polyesters, foam-backed vinyl and other industrial fabrics.

Newly engineered features include:

Heavy-duty gantry design

Improved access for maintenance and replacement of internal components and consumable items

Sensors for monitoring optimum cycle speed.

Direct knife cooling improves cutting speeds and the ability to cut heavier-ounce materials

Contact Ahearn Denning Cutting Inc. directly for a full list of newly engineered features 213-626-6765


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