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When it comes to cutting machines, Eastman is known for having the best quality in the entire world! The same goes for all of their parts and consumables! Ahearn Denning stocks all of these genuine consumables in large quantities to not only guarantee that we can supply your business with whatever you need, but also give you the best pricing you can ask for.

Only genuine Eastman parts are designed, machined and crafted to the exact specifications of our machines.

·         Genuine Eastman parts are only available from authorized Eastman representatives.

·         Inferior substitutes may save you money in the short run, but dependable Eastman quality will protect your investment in the long run.

·         Eastman blades for your straight knife cutting machine feature an exclusive heat-tempering process that hardens the blade's cutting area while maintaining flexibility in the blade's tang. Every Eastman blade is precisely machined to hold critical tolerances of plus or minus .001 inches.

·         The poor quality and inconsistent thickness of generic blades accelerate the wear and tear on critical parts such as the slides, crosshead and guides. A part that is only a few thousands of an inch out of tolerance can cause a major machine failure. The resulting increase in maintenance and down-time more than offsets the non-genuine blade's cheaper price.



Medium Grit Eastman
Medium Grit Abrasive Belts are meant for any Straight knife cutting machine besides the Tip Top 5". ..
Eastman Genuine Wave Blade
Wave blades are designed for materials that will fuse: nylon and other synthetic goods. Designed for..
Eastman Genuine Straight Knives
High Speed Steel Knives Each box comes with 12 blades. High Speed Genuine Eastman blades, used..
Genuine Eastman round knife for Eastman 534 OR 548 Cardinal  cutting machine. 4" Blade ..
80C1-61 5 1/4" GENUINE EASTMAN 548 BLADE
Genuine Eastman round blade for the Eastman 548 Standard Cardinal cutting machine. 5 1/4" Blade ..
80C1-123HS  2 1/32" Genuine Eastman Buzzaird Blade
Genuine Eastman round knife for the Eastman Workerbee and Buzzaird rotary sheers. ..
Right Shoe
This shoe can be used on all Eastman Straight Knife cutting machines. This part helps put the correc..
1" Wheel Cutter Replacement Blades
Used for the M-9000 Static Cutting Table, Eagle Conveyor, and small round wheel cutter.   ..
2" Wheel Cutter Replacement Blades
Used FOR for the M-9000 Static tables, Eagle Conveyors, & 5045 Wheel Cutter. 45mm (2") Roun..
Generic Eastman Abrasive Belts
Abrasive sharpeneing Belts for Eastman straight knife cutting machines. Used for increased c..
Genuine Eastman round knife for the BBB32 and BBR. ..
Fine Grit Eastman
Fine Grit Abrasive Belts are meant for any Straight knife cutting machine besides the Tip Top 5". Th..
Chickadee Sharpening Stone
The Genuine Eastman Sharpening Stones are the longest lasting and most durable Stones..
Chickadee Brushes
Genuine Eastman Chickadee Brushes will last your machine the longest and also provide the best conne..
Coarse Grit Eastman
Coarse Grit Abrasive Belts are meant for any Straight knife cutting machine besides the Tip Top 5". ..