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Genuine Eastman blades are the finest in the world. Each blade features an exclusive heat tempering process which hardens the blade’s cutting area while maintaining flexibility in the blade’s tang. With a genuine Eastman blade, you have precision tolerances and superior wear characteristics - you sharpen less frequently and cut more fabric than with any other blade.

Every Eastman blade is precisely machined to hold critical tolerances of plus or minus .001 inches. The poor quality and inconsistent thickness of generic blades accelerate the wear and tear on critical parts like the slides, crosshead and guides. A genuine Eastman blade offers decreased maintenance costs, less down time, longer blade life and consistent, quality cuts.

Eastman blades are stamped “genuine” right on the blade. Don’t be fooled by counterfeit blades!    


80C1-77 7 1/2" GENUINE EASTMAN 562
Genuine Eastman 7 1/2" blade for an Eastman Cardinal 562 Machine Blades available in Standard Car..