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Expandale Manual Fabric Spreading Machine
Manual Fabric Spreading Machine to accomodate rolls up to 22" in diameter, up to 250 lbs and 66..
JK 2
Designed and manufactured based on customer needs and opinions expressed over Strapack's extensive h..
Portable Electric Blower
This lightweight blower delivers a large volume of clean, dry air where you want it. Comes in handy ..
Refurbished Eastman Hot & Cold Cloth Drill
REFURBISHED*** Call for Availability & Pricing - cleaned and adjusted hot/cold cloth drill ..
Refurbished Eastman Machines
REFURBISHED  Various Blue Streak, Brute Models 110V, 220V Rebuilt  Models & ready f..
Rerurbished Eastman Dual Speed
Refurbished Eastman Genuine Cutting Machine Dual Speeds available. Call for availability &am..
Starpack is the leading manufacturer of high-quality machines and materials. Used to bundle fabri..
V-Belt, M-25
V-Belt for Strapack ..
New Aluminum Fan for the Red Blower. ..
Refurbished  Eastman Blue Streak Cutting Machines
REFURBISHED Eastman Machines available Various Sizes depending on stock Cleaned and re-lubri..
Replacement nozzle for blower machines. ..
Rubber Spreader Wheels
Rubber wheels for all manual spreaders. Makes spreading material quick and efficient with rubber whe..
Refurbished Eastman Round Knives
REFURBISHED/ Rebuilt Genuine Eastman Round Knife Cutting Machines Call for availability C..
V-Belt, M-14
Track Wheels
Track Wheels are used for manual spreaders to go back and forth on cutting tables. Makes it easy for..