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BBB32 3 1/4"
BBB32  3 1/4"

The BBB32 is Eastman's largest shear, featuring a premium quality high torque universal motor, to cut both lightweight material and heavy-duty fabrics with ease.

This machine is an economical alternative for cutting through fine fabrics (such as low ply delicate synthetics) without pulls or damage to the material. The Gentle Giant, like all Eastman round knives, is perfect for cutting large radius curves and straight lines.

All Eastman machines are built with the highest grade materials available.


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Features & Options
Delicate and Woven Material Control Eliminates fraying and material damage provided by the hexagonal blade that shears through fine fabrics and heavy wovens with ease
Consistent Speed Maintained blade speed under heavy loads via the premium quality high torque universal motor
Accuracy Eliminates cutting distortion due to the narrow silhouette standard and extremely low base plate
Stability Vibration-free cutting with smooth and easy maneuverability
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