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548- 52H Cardinal 5 1/4"
 548- 52H Cardinal 5 1/4"

The Cardinal® model 548 5 1/4" is our most commonly used round knife machine.

It is available in a number of different blade sizes and gear combinations, and is designed with a lightweight, powerful motor to provide the best cloth cutting configuration.

Eastman round knife machines are ideally suited for cutting large radius curves, straight lines and are applicable for a wide range of difficult to cut materials.


***Not including consumable parts











Available Options

* Blade Size:

* Motor & Voltage Options:

* Handle Type:


Features & Options
Accuracy Eliminates cutting distortion due to the narrow silhouette standard and extremely low base plate
Stability Vibration-free cutting with smooth and easy maneuverability
Efficiency Simple handling of the machine due to its low center of gravity Single-hand engaging of power supply via the Patented Uni-Safe Terminal Block and Attachment Plug Ability to reduce speed to eliminate fusing, provided by the dual speed option
Durability Built with the highest grade materials available
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Cardinal 1.78MB 21/05/2013 Download