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Powerful Cordless Shearing

The Workerbee is a powerful, professional grade, cordless rotary shear.

It is designed with the same precision cutting features as our standard rotary shears but with the convenience and portability that is afforded by battery power.

The Workerbee is equipped with a 2.03" (5.16 cm) blade and a 7.2 volt battery pack - allowing for longer run time.


Available Options

* Motor & Voltage Options:

* Base Plate & Head Options:

Features & Options
Ease-of-Use Battery-powered cordless cutting On-the-spot sharpening with a built-in sharpener
Heavy Duty Cutting Cutting through heavier industrial-type materials with the Workerbee's 60 lbs. of torque
Lightweight Cutting Cutting through lighter materials without jamming with the Workerbee's fixed shear plate and spring-loaded blade
Safety Standard equipment includes transparent Lexan® knife guard (not shown). Please contact the factory for more information.
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