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Falcon IV End Cutter
Falcon IV End Cutter

Standard End Cutting

Eastman's Falcon IV's superior balance and specially designed Falcon track allows the knife to glide effortlessly across the guide track for perfectly straight line end cuts.

The machine is also available with a push handle; a dual push/pull handle for extremely wide cuts requiring more than one operator; and a swivel handle for limited space applications.

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Features & Options
Features Perma-Field Motor for more cutting torque with less heat build-up Precision engineered profile and interior reinforcing ribs keep track rigid even at lengths over 72 inches (1.83m). Clamping bracket allows the Falcon to be attached to any type of cutting table in seconds. Standard 40 inches (1.02m) length handle for use on tables up to 72 inches(1.83m) wide, with longer handles available. Patented Uni-Safe Terminal Block and attachment plug allows the operator to engage the power supply to the cutter with one hand.
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