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CD3 Cold Cloth Drill
CD3 Cold Cloth Drill
CD3 Cold Cloth Drill

Cold Drill Marking

The Eastman Cloth drill marker can drill holes through numerous layers of fabric, indicating button holes, darts, pockets, and other attachment points.

This is perfect for use on loosely knit, bulky, or quilted spreads, where a mark is needed, but where a burn mark would be unnecessary.


***Not including consumable parts


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* Drill Bit Size:

Features & Options
Features Telescoping drive shaft and powerful AC motor for dependability and long service. Drill is available in three sizes, numerous hole diameters, and drill types. The large square baseplate decreases distortion, even on bulky or quilted spreads of material. Decreased distortion, even on bulky and quilted spreads, provided by the large square base-plate.
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