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The Threadmarker is a dual use machine that provides a substitute method of short-term marking when a permanent mark is not desired, and for bundling cut pieces.

Utilizing a needle, a thread is pulled through the material which allows the operator to determine where to place pleats, darts, buttons, or pockets.

The Threadmarker LTM can also be used to bundle continuous toweling or bundles of clothes by binding them with thread prior to washing.


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Marking of Delicate Fabric Penetration with a thin needle and thread indicating a mark point. Removal of marking thread after use, leaving delicate material mark free. Marking capacity of 6 inches (15.2 cm) with simple looper mechanism for ease of operation.
Material Vulnerability Simplified transport of material to sewing station with the Threadmarker's bundling capabilities, that insert a string through the bundle.
Simplified Industrial Laundry Operation Elimination of towel tangling during washing by securing the continuous toweling with the Threadmarker's bundling capabilities.
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